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The purpose of this blog is to provide a location for sharing ideas: more specifically, we are interested in facilitating an inter-disciplinary approach for examining the effects of technology and new media on the human condition, an approach which falls under the umbrella heading, critical media. From social networking sites and video games, to medical equipment and concerns over increased public surveillance, this blog welcomes discussion on any topic concerning the relationship between human beings and technology, from all modes of inquiry

In addition to stimulating discussion, we hope visitors will use our blog to network with other individuals (academic or otherwise) interested in similar subject matter. The Critical Media Lab (CML) blog welcomes posts on current or future research pursuits, upcoming projects or exhibitions, relevant links (news items, articles, etc.), ideas for courses related to critical media, or any other material which visitors may find interesting or useful.

Thank you for visiting, and if nothing else, think about the magical machine you’re using right now. What are you doing with it? What is it doing to you?