CAFKA Biennial Launch

On March 19th, Critical Media Lab participated in the launch of the CAFKA biennial, taking place this spring in the tri-city area between May 31 and June 29. The launch took place in a cozy corner of Maccabe’s pub on King street, and featured presentations by the curators of the biennial as well as Open Ears, Kitchener’s festival of music and creative sound. As a new resident of KW, the launch provided me with a glimpse of the dynamic local arts community, clearly punching above its weight. What was most exciting for me was the emphasis in both festivals on engaging the public in the urban spaces of Kitchener-Waterloo. For instance, one promising sound event, Within These Walls, will take place at the Walper Hotel, where guests will be lead on a tour of micro-performances and ‘happenings’ throughout the hotel. Another intriguing exhibit is by Krzysztof Wodiczko, who plans to transform the Queen Victoria sculpture in Victoria Park through video projection. The exhibits promise to animate Kitchener’s distinct urban spaces and provide a good excuse not to bolt for the cottage once summer arrives.

The theme of this year’s exhibition,  “It Should Always Be this Way,” was inspired by CML co-director Marcel O’Gorman, and expresses the belief that during the biennial, people’s daily lives should be disrupted by “objects to think with.” Critical Media Lab is one of five curatorial partners of the exhibition, and our new home base at 44 Gaukel will host events during the biennial.

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Shary Boyle and Christine Fellows by Christopher Wahl