Vinyasa Flow Yoga for the Tech Community




As part of our Fall programming at the new 44 Gaukel location, we’re bringing some much-needed peace and namaste to the Critical Media Lab, as we prepare to offer a 10-week yoga class to the downtown tech community.

If you’re slouched over a keyboard, have an iron grip on your digital device, or struggle to find concentration amidst a flood of information, then this yoga class is for you. Using the tools of vinyasa flow yoga, this class, geared toward members of the K-W digital media community, will create space for students to playfully explore the union between breath and body, while working on correcting the physical imbalances that accompany contemporary technological life. This class will guide students of all levels through moderately-paced to vigorous sequences of yoga asanas (poses) that will build strength, flexibility, and balance. As we flow through poses, we will also use the techniques of pranayama (breathwork) to draw awareness to the physical body’s connection to mind, spirit, and environment. By exploring this state of mindfulness and union on the mat, practitioners will find themselves equipped with the tools to carry a sense of flow into their world beyond the mat.

Check out the event page to register! Spaces are limited.