“Every day I am a Train” Video Installation

The Critical Media Lab recently produced a project entitled “Every day I am a Train”.

Inspired by the Flann O’Brien short story “John Duffy’s Brother” as well as the LRT Rail construction in K-W Region, the piece is a four-screen video installation that depicts 19 individuals from the Kitchener-Waterloo community acting like trains.

The work was displayed for five weeks at the lab space on 44 Gaukel as part of CAFKA.16, before being re-installed in a shipping container for the Steel Rails event at a remote location in early June.

The installation was written about in the K-W Record, and CML director Marcel O’Gorman was also interviewed about the project for the UW English Blog.

IMG_3275IMG_3279 IMG_3330 (1) IMG_3331 (1) 2016-06-24 18.09.47