ART\HACK event for Night\Shift Placehacking Festival

Last week we hosted an event called “ART\HACK” at the CML that invited groups to create a placehacking installation for the Night\Shift Festival in Downtown Kitchener.  

The theme (“Automobile”) and the location (“a small, covered parking area off Halls Lane”) were revealed on Friday night and teams were sent off to design and deliver a presentation and prototype the following evening.

Groups came from a multitude of disciples and backgrounds (Psychology, Computer Science, Global Business and Digital Arts, Bioinformatics, and Fine Arts) and designed some really amazing and involved projects.

Judging took place Saturday night, and the winning group of Adam Francey, Richard Marion & Hanna Negami from the Urban Realities Lab in the Psychology Department won with their project entitled “Car Park”. The sound installation is designed to repurpose the parking lot into a green space, and will make use of audio recordings to invert the binary of public and private.

Be sure to check it out this weekend!

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