Car Park Installation at Night\Shift 2016

“Car Park” – the winning project from our Art\Hack event – was well received during the Night\Shift Placehacking Festival.

Converting the private parking space to a public park involved a trip to the Stratford Festival props department for 500 square feet of artificial grass, a borrowed car from Community Car Share, Muskoka chairs, potted plants, motions sensors, microcontrollers, and hours of coding.

Night\Shift attendees were happy to talk about the piece, hop in the car, and add their voices to the evolving soundscape.

Thanks to Eric Rumble & the Night\Shift Festival, Matt at Community Car Share, the Stratford Festival, the Urban Realities Lab, and the Critical Media Lab for making this possible. As well as the hard work from Hanna, Adam, Richard, and Stephen.

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