Lots of Workshops/Courses for CML Members and beyond…

There are lots of workshops, courses, and other opportunities coming up! Check them out below: 

1. Fushion360 Workshop hosted by MyShop – April 25, 2017

A workshop on 3D modelling software and printers.



Event page:


2. DH@Guelph – May 8 – 11th

Digital Humanities Workshops and Training.




3. HAM Radio Course by CML Collaborator Dr. Steve Quilley – Spring 2017 @UW

ERS 475/675 Experiential course in Ham Radio: Technics, Ecology and Culture of Amateur Radio in the 21st Century

Become a ‘radio ham’. Whether as a hobby or as a necessary skill for bush-pilots or wilderness guides, by earning your basic operating license you will become part of a communications network that is still a necessary backstop for the emergency services in times of crisis or environmental catastrophe (when mobile and Internet networks are liable to fail).  This course will consist of two parts: (1) A five-day intensive immersion leading to the Basic Qualification Exam offered by Industry Canada; and (2) a two-day workshop exploring the continuing role of amateur radio in the 21st century.  There will be a small course fee of $100 to cover the cost of the external provider.

If you are interested please contact Steve Quilley in SERS on squilley@uwaterloo.ca   Please put ‘Radio Course’ in the subject line.