=SUM(Things) Annual XDM Exhibition – April 7, 2017

The Critical Media Lab is pleased to announce two events happening on April 7th and 8th.

On April 7th we will be having our annual exhibition from 7-10 pm. The show is entitled “=SUM(Things)”, and will be feature a large number of media and data-based projects and installations from students, staff, community members, and various universities.

This event will be licensed and catered.

As well, the April 7th show will coincide with the closing show for the Fine Arts/General Engineering course “Tech Art” that is also happening at the lab.

On April 8th, we will follow up with a symposium entitled “Data Publics/Data Paradigms”, which will feature presentations from students from English 794 this past term.

=SUM(Things) list of artists/projects:

Becky Anderson – The Architecture of Machine Feeling

Shawn Dorey – Sorting 63 Genders

Julie Funk – Greyfields//Brightfields: Traversing Networked Spaces

Matt Frazer – Ovum Expedition: User Friendly (OE:UF)

Miraya Groot – Mapping Home: Conversation and Data

Meg Honsberger – MindFlux

Amber O’Brien – The Pantheon of Dream

Dani Spinosa and Jon Orsi – Betical

Charlena Russell & Bernie Rohde – Collaboration Light Suit

Eric Schmaltz – Technical Babble

Stephen Trothen and Philip Miletic – Album

Caitlin Woodcock – BasketCase


Data Publics/Data Paradigms Symposium

Saturday April 8

11am-1pm @ CML 44 Gaukel street

On occasion of the XDM annual exhibition


Panel 1 “Investigating Data Publics” 11-noon

Tyler Crick

Keri Stewart 

Alexander Flecký 


Panel 2 “Framing Data Paradigms” 12:15 to 1pm

Lindsay Meaning 

Onie Tam 

Respondent, Dr. John McLevey, UW Department of Knowledge Integration

Round-table discussion