The 2009 Ig Nobel Prize

The 2009 Ig Nobel Prize winners were announced on Thursday, October 1st. The Ig Nobel Prize is awarded to research that seems too strange to be useful, but isn’t. There are some interesting connections between some of this years winners and a few of the projects at the CrimeLab.

A pair of Newcastle researchers have shown that cows with names give more milk than cows without. I think there are some interesting implications for this in terms of human-animal interaction. The researcher suggests that acts of kindness towards the cows can increase milk production. The study also looked at the effects of petting and grooming the cows.

The public health prize was awarded to a Chicago based team that has developed a bra that can be converted into a two-person gas mask. An interesting confluence of fashion and terror of death. Apparently it looks no different from a regular brassiere.

Here is an article about this year’s awards: