Cabinets of Curiosity


Last night the students in “Cyberbodies” went head-to-head with some arcade cabinet kits and laid them to waste. Put otherwise, 15 English majors demonstrated that they know how to use tools — and not only power tools. Getting dirty hands and laying on the floor, working with stubborn (sometimes broken and ill-fitting) materials, students got a good taste of what is to come in the Cyberbodies studio.


This is all part of an assignment called Kunstkabinett that the students will be completing by the end of March. What will go inside these cabinets? No one can tell for sure, but it will have to do with the course readings (that is, if the students want a good grade). These cabinets are containers for media theory, after all. They will be built out of Stiegler, Hayles, Stelarc, and other critical media notables. Curious indeed.

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