SLSA Conference 2011: PHARMAKON


From September 22 to 25, the UW Department of English Critical Media Lab (CML) will be hosting Pharmakon, the 25th annual conference of the Society for Literature, Science and the Arts (SLSA). This is a major international meeting with over 250 speakers, including plenary talks by media philosopher Bernard Stiegler (Centre Pompidou, Paris) and philosopher of science Isabelle Stengers (Université Libre de Bruxelles). The multi-disciplinary conference theme is “Pharmakon,” a term used by Socrates to describe that which can both heal and kill. In addition to panels of speakers and plenary addresses, there will be a major thematic exhibition of art at the Critical Media Lab and Artery Gallery, ranging from textiles, painting, and sculpture to sensor-based digital media. The exhibition was sponsored in part by the UW Department of English and, appropriately, the UW School of Pharmacy.

The conference panels will be located throughout the city of Kitchener so that participants can interact with the public art on display at the biennial of the Contemporary Art Forum of Kitchener and Area (CAFKA), which runs from Friday, September 16 through Sunday, October 2. Venues include the Delta Hotel (conference headquarters), THEMUSEUM, and Kitchener City Hall. The conference is being organized by Marcel O’Gorman, Associate Professor of English and Director of the Critical Media Lab. He is proud to note that Kitchener was chosen over Washington, DC to host this important international meeting.

UW students and faculty members are invited to attend conference panels without paying registration fees. However, faculty members are required to pay the SLSA membership fee of $40 at the conference registration desk in the Delta Hotel.

Looking forward to seeing you next week.