CML Research Sharing Salon

On February 1, 2012 the Critical Media Lab held its inaugural Research Sharing Salon.  This event is designed as an informal way to get together, share ideas, flesh them out, and generally let our peers now what we are up to.  The idea is that many minds are better than one.  After all it’s good to get other perspectives. Who knows, maybe collaborations will form as a result.

The first event featured:

PhD student Lauren Burr on the development of an alternate reality game (ARG) at the Carleton University Hypertext Lab

– AND –

UW English Professor Sarah Tolmie on her current research involving the development of a Piers Plowman virtual reality interface.

We hope to host bi-weekly research sharing nights/discussion groups (every other Wednesday). Email or contact Farah Yusuf or Dani Stock if you’re interested in putting together an informal presentation to share with the group.