Experimental Digital Media

The Master of Arts in Experimental Digital Media (XDM)*, is a new program dedicated to exploring the creative and critical processes provided by the new digital media. XDM emphasizes a lab-based and hands-on approach to digital technology; students in the program learn to use the digital media as a critical tool combining theory and practice in the production of objects-to-think-with. The program’s rich mix of theoretical and practical study prepares graduates for research in digital media, and/or a variety of careers in the media industries. The program is focused on the Critical Media Lab, a centre for the experimental production of digital objects and exhibitions where students, faculty, and local digital artists interact.

For full details, view the XDM site: .

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    […] gathered so far with something more hands-on, which I didn’t think existed. Then I heard about XDM—on Twitter, fittingly—and I couldn’t pass it […]

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    […] great to see Marcel’s smart crew of XDM (Experimental Digital Media) Masters students get their freak on. Delightfully bringing art to the […]

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    […] projector. There’s the night’s host Stephen Trothen (right) and I believe he runs the lab here. XDM (experimental digital media) Professor Marcel O’Gorman in the background. This whole space in […]

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