Quilters Can’t Be Users

By Caitlyn Woodcock, XDM MA Graduate.

Grab a few friends and catch up without the compulsive need to check your mobile devices. Inspired by the communal nature of quilting bees, Quilters Can’t Be Users only works if all four pockets are filled. Watch as your time to BE together adds up, then compare that to the percentage of time it took this quilt to be made (approximately 60 hours).

Quilters Can’t Be Users is prat of a series of objects-of-technological abstinence that aim to challenge users to make more mindful choices about gadget use. These projects are also about quantifying the value of domestic craftwork.


By Tyler Crick, XDM MA Graduate.

Sifter is a browser toolbar that displays meta-information for websites, fact-checking of content by scraping Snopes and Politifact, fake news website detection by querying established databases, and performs light linguistic analysis of internet content. The underlying goal is to help make the internet a bit more transparent and draw a user’s attention to details that could inform insightful patterns about misinformation.