CAFKA 21 Project

At this year’s CAFKA Art Exhibition, Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost, Professors Marcel O’Gorman (CML Director) and Jennifer Clary-Lemon (CML Faculty Collaborator) present Hirondelusia: A Creative Turn Towards Species at Risk.

As their project website explains,

Hirondelusia is a barn swallow habitat modified from designs approved by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry to mitigate habitat loss. Using a critical design approach, it explores what happens when humans and non-humans encounter structures approved for species at risk.

Through a ​collaborative, combined academic and creative approach, Hirondelusia seeks HOW and WHY specific species at risk recovery strategies are designed and built, and WHAT seeing structures like this tell humans about threatened species like the barn swallow​ (Hirundo rustica).

Hirondelusia will be displayed at CAFKA during June 2021, and later be permanently installed at rare Charitable reserve, where the artists hope that the swallows will also be persuaded to engage with Hirondelusia on their spring migrations to Ontario.