Weekly Class Schedule
Date Theory Practice
Sept 11
Intro. to course.
In-class reading.
Typograhpical autoportrait.
Groups established.
Set up Blog.
Sept 18
Read Pricken, 40-79, on the “Kickstart” method.
Read White, "Section 1: Space."
Visit from GRFF Marketing Team.
Kickstart workshop.
Sept 25
Read Enzensberger, "Constituents of a Theory of the Media" (ACE).
Read Baudrillard, "Requiem for the Media" (ACE).
Read Pricken, 180-200 “Break out of the Frame” and “Alternative Media.”
Studio time for GRFF Campaign.
Oct 2
Read White, "Section 2: Unity"
Present individual “pitches” for GRFF Campaign.
Studio time for GRFF Campaign.
Oct 9
Launching of GRFF Campaign.
Introduction to Kickstart Project.
Read Pricken, 80-125
GRFF Campaign begins. Post comments / photos to blog.
Oct 16
Read Plant, “Now, the S.I.” (ACE)
Read White, "Section 3: Page Architecture"
Report on GRFF Campaign success.
GRFF Essay Due.
Kickstart Exercise.
Oct 23
Read Pricken, 126-179
Critique of Kickstart Project Drafts.
Kickstart Draft 1 due. Post comments / photos to blog.
Oct 30
Review of final Kickstart Projects.
Introduction to Kickstart Remix Project.
Read White, "Section 4: Type."
Kickstart Final due.
Post comments to blog.
Remix Exercise.
Nov 6
Read Klein, "New Branded World," "The Brand Expands," "Culture Jamming" from No Logo (ACE).
Branding exercise.
Nov 13
Review of Kickstart Remix Drafts.
Kickstart Remix draft 1 due. Post comments to blog.
Nov 20
Read McQuarrie and Mick, "Figures of Rhetoric in Advertising Language." (ACE)
Rhetorical Figures Exercise.
Nov 27
Review of final Remix Projects
Kckstart Remix final due.
Post documentation of all projects to blog.