CrimeLab is a place, a collective of research-creators, and a state of mind. The main headquarters are inside the UW Art Gallery in East Campus Hall (ECH) on the eastern edge of the University campus. The street address is 263 Phillip Street. Turn off of University Ave. West at Phillip Street. ECH (a long low grey building) is the first University building on Phillip Street. Take the first ECH driveway. Parking Lot B is adjacent to the UW Art Gallery doors.
The rapid and relentless production of new technologies has outstripped our ability to carefully consider their social, ethical, psychological, and physical implications. This race between high-tech manufacturing and our understanding of its social and personal impacts has been observed by many researchers in the Arts and Social Sciences over the last fifty years. But their efforts, which range from curmudgeonly skepticism to technophilic rhetoric, have had very little impact on the ways in which technologies are designed and implemented. The primary reason for this inefficacy is that the critical assessment of new media in the Arts and Social Sciences is often presented in forms (i.e., printed academic articles in specialized journals) that are incongruent with new media culture.

By contrast,

the Critical Media Lab (CrimeLab) supports interdisciplinary research-creation projects that draw on new media to investigate the impact of information technology on the human condition.

This approach, which will challenge the boundaries between art and science, research and artistic practice, will result in the invention of new technologies and media artifacts, dialogue facilitation across disciplines and communities, and policy formation that directly impacts technological design and implementation.